Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Radium Hydride
      Radium Chloride
      Radium Bromide
      Radium Iodide
      Radium Fluoride
      Radium Iodate
      Radium Oxide
      Radium Hydroxide
      Radium Sulphate
      Radium Carbonate
      Radium Nitride
      Radium Azide
      Radium Nitrate
      Radium Silicate
      Radium Platinocyanide

Chemical Properties of Radium

General Properties of the Compounds of Radium. - The radium ion is divalent and colourless. Those radium salts which are colourless when freshly prepared gradually become coloured when kept. They are all luminous in the dark. Many radium and barium salts are isomorphous with one another.

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